Resident Evil 4 Remake- Where To Get Red9 Pistol For Free

Resident Evil 4 RemakeIn Resident Evil 4 Remake, there is an arsenal of weapons available in the game and we tend to purchase all of it to complete the collection and get to use and enjoy all the weapons. However, due to limited space on our Attache case, we only keep the most powerful weapon of each category i.e. Shotgun, Handgun, Rifle, and Sniper to fight off against the mutated.

The guns we currently use in the chapters are one of the best and most tuned weapons for each type. So, in the Handgun category, you wouldn’t like to miss an opportunity to get Luis’s Red9 Pistol for free without paying a single ptas. Instead of purchasing it from the Merchant later, you can find the gun at a specific location and chapter.

Where To Get Red9 Pistol Location At Resident Evil 4 Remake

Once you have an access to the boat in the Lake in Chapter 4 just after the Del Lago boss fight, travel to the middle of the lake where a wrecked boat is found. Climb onto the boat and there, you will find that there are two Treasure Chests and one of them contains the Red9 pistol.

Red9 pistol has the highest firepower in a category that uses Handgun ammo. After its exclusive upgrade, you can feel the change in power. The downside of this weapon is that it has low precision. However, you can attach a stock to cover up all the negative stat and increase its precision. The stock can be purchased in an exchange for Spinels in a later chapter.

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