Resident Evil 4 Remake- Village Chief’s Manor Combination Lock

Resident Evil 4 RemakeIn Resident Evil 4 Remake along with all the killings and massacres, there are puzzles that might challenge your intellect and exploration skills. There are a bunch of treasures or paths i.e. secured behind a puzzle-type lock which can only be unlocked after entering specific data in a sequence or so. At the Village Chief’s Manor, there is a wardrobe that has a lock with a combination etched on it. To unlock the wardrobe, you will need to enter the correct combination lock code.

Village Chief’s Manor Combination Lock Code For Resident Evil 4 Remake

The unlock code is Leaves, Pig, and Child. The lock combination can be found upstairs in the alley where the door is locked and require stigmata. The book or puzzle is written with these highlighted words as below.

Iluminados 4:3

In great veneration of their master, the people offered up their most prized possessions.

The old farmer, his finest crop.
The slight swineherd, his stoutest pig.
The beggarly grandam, her own beloved babe.

The master saw these gifts and was pleased.

As mentioned enter Leaves first, second Pig, and third Child symbols on the combination lock. You will obtain a key item i.e. Crystal Marble inside the wardrobe. This Crystal Marble is used to unlock the door by tracing the dots perfectly aligning with the stigmata upstairs.

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