Tchia- How Long Do You Need To Complete The Game

TchiaTchia is a casual open-world adventure game that revolves around the world of a young girl “Tchia“. Living on an isolated island along with her father, she longed for a friend. However, her father was kidnapped by a local ruler Meavora. To rescue her father, she is on an adventure that comprises tasks that include finding key items, treasure hunting, burning down the enemy camps, exploring the world, and most importantly enjoying the vibes. However, we are intrigued to learn how long will his story last if played linearly from Chapter 1.

How Long Do You Need To Complete The Game “Tchia”?

The main story is 10 hours long and if you include all the side missions in addition to unlocking all the areas and points of view. More 12 hours are needed to complete the game if you are aiming for 100% game achievements and enjoying all the mini-quests such as rock balancing and collecting chests to unlock costumes.

Depending on how you use the Soul Jumping and travel all around the docks via Fast Travel, the time required to complete the game can be shaved off. However, the game is somewhat little bugged and it stutters. While completing a totem quest, a few key items/enemies are sometimes spawned inside a rock i.e. unreachable.

Probably after future updates and patch notes, we guess the game will be improved and more players can chill and enjoy the picturesque view. Even pluck Ukelele at Freestyle during the meantime that also has the power to change weather and grant buffs after performing Soul Melodies.

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