Diablo 4- Secret Of The Spring Side Quest Walkthrough

Diablo 4In Diablo 4, when we are experimenting with builds after accumulating enough points to check all the abilities; we are stuck with a riddle. The side quest is irrelevant to the main quest, but when it is located in your path or an area, one cannot skip or ignore it. Side quest i.e., “Secret Of The Spring” is a riddle that needs to be solved in order to complete it and earn the reward. If you are having difficulty, completing this quest then this guide is for you.

Secret Of The Spring Side Quest Walkthrough For Diablo 4

The description of the “Secret Of The Spring” side quest is to solve the riddle i.e. “Beacon of warmth in winter’s embrace, patience rewarded by nature’s own grace.” Now press “E” on your Keyboard which opens up the Emote or Chat Wheel. Now, you will have to customize and assign a specific Emote to an empty slot in order to complete this side quest easily. The Emote is “Wait“.

Now at the location of spring water, use Emote “Wait“. The Buried Chest will appear once you have used the emote. Interact with the Buried Chest in order to complete the quest and obtain the reward, XP.

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