Diablo 4- How To Switch Weapons

Diablo 4Diablo 4 is one of the most anticipated action role-playing games which has been on every player’s mind after the showcase of all classes. Each class has its own unique skill tree and weapon of choice which allow builds to be versatile. Characters or classes who own two or more weapons equipped, sometimes use only one weapon specifically. What is the reason behind it?

How To Switch Weapons At Diablo 4

If you have obtained a weapon that suits your class, we immediately tend to equip it in order to build the stat and use the weapon to slay the monsters. To use both your weapons, you will need to unlock two Basic abilities for each type of weapon from the skill tree. Investing a single point in both basic abilities is enough.

Next, you can drag and drop the (Weapon 1) “Basic” attack skill on “Left-Click“, and (Weapon 2) “Basic” attack skill on “Right-Click“. Now, you can enjoy and use both weapons without any problem. You can assign any unlocked attacks on any hotkeys that are available. Depending on your build and current gear drops, you can customize your skill tree by resetting the skill points at an expense of gold coins. So, your build and skill tree should have a chance to evolve and adapt to the current level of difficulty.

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