Diablo 4- How To Salvage Gears

Diablo 4Diablo 4 is an ARPG which is the fourth main installment in the Diablo series. After selecting a class and customizing your character, your companion horse is killed and to rest in the shelter, you need to find a shelter in a nearby town. As you progress through the story and kill countless enemies who are unfortunate to cross your path, they will drop gold coins and useful gears to increase your combat ability. There are multiple new gears at which their description would mention “Unlocks new look on salvage“. So, how to salvage the item?

How To Salvage The Gears And What Happens To The Gear At Diablo 4

To unlock the Gear Salvage, you will need to complete the Prologue. Once you meet Lorath Nair and enter the city of Kyovashad, there are various merchants with whom you can interact. Regarding Salvaging Gear, you will need to make contact with the Blacksmith.

The Blacksmiths have 3 sections and the first would be “Salvage“. To salvage the gear, all you need is to select the Mining Axe icon and next, select the gear, you want to be salvaged. After salvaging, you will notice few materials will be recovered. Each gear has a unique style and to import the style, one must first salvage it, once. Hence, the Transmog feature will be unlocked with the gears that are salvaged.

To transmog, you can visit your Wardrobe and can change the appearance of the gear however you may see fit as all the unlocked variants will be available. These Blacksmiths are found in various settlements which you will discover as you progress through the storyline. As you progress, stronger weapons and gears would be dropped which will accumulate the unnecessary weak gears. So, make sure you salvage and sell gears equally in order to balance out the resources.

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