Contaraband Police- Oberankov Cash Hidden Treasure Location

Contraband PoliceIn Contraband Police, you are one of the newly appointed guards in Karikatka. However, the series of smuggling goods inside the border is attempted way before we know it. The Oberankov Cash or hidden treasure is the same contraband crates or goods that have been successfully smuggled inside the border. Your task is to collect or find the hidden contraband goods in order to keep your border clean as well as earn 300$ doing it.

All Oberankov Cash Hidden Treasure Location At Contraband Police

Upgrade the Shovel once in order to dig the ground in search of the Oberankov Cash. There are a total of 8 Oberankov Cash hidden or buried that can be found in order to earn a total of 2400$. The achievement awarded to all the players who find out all the Oberankov Cash is “Treasure Hunter“. To refer to the location, we have provided the map below:

Contraband Police

  1. At the intersection of E6 and F6, you will find a small uphill beside the road. Climb the hill and descend down where you will find a location to use the shovel and dig up the first Oberankov Cash.
  2. At the F1 section of the map, you will find a small tower i.e. fenced. Enter the fenced area where you will find the location to dig up the buried Oberankov Cash.
  3. Near the swamp i.e. present in the D5 section is where we find the third Oberankov Cash hidden treasure.
  4. Once you reach or notice the intersection sign placed beside the road referring to the map. Advance to the B6 section of the map where you will find the treasure buried. Use the shovel and collect the fourth Oberankov Cash.
  5. At the E8 section of the map as shown in the image, you will find barrels and trash. In that same vicinity, you will find the Oberankov Cash.
  6. Near Vlad’s Tool at the G5 section, beside the road, you will find distinguished rocks. Climb the uphill and ultimately, you will find the buried hidden treasure.
  7. At the I6 section of the map as shown in the image, check the bushes properly as you will find the seventh Oberankov Cash here.
  8. The final Oberankov Cash treasure chest is located in the I8 section of the map as shown in the image above.

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