Barotrauma Research Station Location & Genetics Guide

Barotrauma is a video game set in a submarine simulator in a deep sea environment. The game takes place in a research station that is located in the Jovian moon Europa’s subsurface ocean. The game’s storyline is based on a fictional event where a team of researchers and crew members are sent to Europa to explore and collect samples from the ocean’s depths. However, the team faces various challenges, including underwater creatures, malfunctioning systems, and other hazards that threaten their survival. Players can choose from several different playable roles, each with unique traits that affect gameplay.

Barotrauma Research Station Location & Gene Guide

The best way to find a research station in this game is to visit any outpost. There you will find the research station and fabricators in one of the rooms that can be used to identify the unidentified genetic materials.

Unidentified genetic materials can be found by killing various monsters or inside alien ruins. There are specific talents that will help you obtain more unidentified genetic materials such as Gene Harvester of Medic, which increases the chances by 20% to find genetic materials while looting a monster.

You need to use these unidentified genetic materials in a research station with a Stabilozine to obtain genetic material. These genes can be used on your character to give them a trait or increase their stats. To use a gene on your character you need to first obtain a gene splicer or advanced gene splicer.

You can either buy these gene splicers or craft them using the fabricator. The resources required to craft one are plastic, an FPGA circuit, Rubber, and Silicon. With a gene splicer, you will be able to equip only one monster gene, while with an advanced splicer, you will be able to equip two monster genes.

In this game, you will be able to equip two different types of genes to obtain the stats or trait benefits of both genes in a single gene. But sometimes it may backfire and you will obtain a tainted gene that will give you negative stats or traits.

There are three tiers of genes whose strength varies depending on their tier.

  • Tier 1 – 10-20%
  • Tier 2 – 20-30%
  • Tier 3 – 30-60%

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