Rough Justice 84 How To Win & Solve Cases

Rough Justice 84

Rough Justice 84 is an exciting detective game that puts players in the shoes of a rookie detective, tasked with solving various cases in a crime-ridden city. The game features a unique blend of puzzle-solving, dice-rolling, and strategic decision-making, allowing players to use their skills and intuition to crack the toughest cases. As players progress through the game, they’ll encounter a variety of challenges, from tracking down elusive suspects to deciphering complex clues. With its immersive storyline, challenging gameplay, and dynamic cast of characters, Rough Justice 84 is a thrilling and engaging game that will keep players hooked from beginning to end.

Rough Justice 84 Win & Solve Cases

To initiate a case, you must engage an agent by selecting the “add” button located at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. The list of available agents will then appear, each with distinctive stats and action points. It is worth noting that agents with superior stats and more action points will be more expensive to hire. The agents’ abilities are measured based on five categories, namely:

  • Strength
  • Intelligence
  • Reflex
  • Perception
  • Empathy

These statistics will significantly aid you in solving cases by rolling the dice. To solve a case, you either have to solve a puzzle or roll the dice to achieve the numbers 4, 5, or 6. You are given three opportunities to roll the dice and obtain the required numbers. Before making a decision, you can hover your mouse over the choices to see which statistics you will need to solve the case effectively.

Having better stats will increase your chances of obtaining more dice to roll, which will ultimately assist you in solving the case. Additionally, you can unlock more dice before rolling; however, it will cost you action points. When your agent’s action points are depleted, they will be removed from your roster, and you will need to hire them again.

To prepare yourself for different cases, you can try solving all of the puzzles available at the training center. Solving these puzzles will require you to solve specific types of puzzles, and the time required to solve them will be limited. It is essential to be adequately prepared beforehand on how to solve each different type of puzzle. Fortunately, the tutorial is available in the training center, and no penalty will be imposed if you fail to solve them.

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