Contraband Police- All KGP Files Location

Contraband PoliceIn Contraband Police you are newly posted in Karikatka, Acaristan border. As Commissioner Andreyev is training and showing you how it’s done, you will immediately obtain your Duty Folder in the office. After carefully reading all the contents, we learn that there are KGP Files in the Exploration section. What are these KGP files and where are the locations?

All KGP Files Location For Contraband Police

KGP Files are imaginary classified documents. A total of 14 KGP Files are hidden or kept in a specific location which has to be found via exploring. Each KGP file gives you 100$ when it’s found, so in total, you are earning 1400$ and earn an achievement “KGP Files“. Refer to the image below:

Contraband Police

  1. The first KGP file will be found inside the chamber of the border guard who operates the gate.
  2. The second KGP file will be found inside the toilet with a heart-shaped hole. (Near your apartment)
  3. Inside the Police Base, the policeman who takes the contraband; advance forward to the maze of boxes and at the end, you will find the third KGP file.
  4. Inside the Police Base, check outside of the warehouse where you deliver the contraband. Near the fence, enter the green container where you will find the fourth KGP file.
  5. At the Labor Camp, from the entrance go to the left side of the watchtower. Under the tower, you will find the crate where the fifth KGP file is.
  6. At Old Ruins, there is a black flag on top of a ruined structure that resembles a house. Enter the house and at the end of the room, you will find the sixth KGP file.
  7. Near the Carat Motel, there is a blue cargo truck outside of the parking space. On its trunk will be the seventh KGP file.
  8. At Gavrilov’s Hideout, you will be called on a mission to spy on Gavrilov. Behind his hideout, you will find the eighth KGP file on top of a barrel.
  9. Behind the Sawmill, near the hill; there are a bunch of wooden crates. Behind the creates, you will find the ninth KGP file.
  10. As shown in the image that is marked 10. The tenth KGP file will be found inside an abandoned and broken house i.e. placed on top of the barrel.
  11. Enter Vlad’s Tool store vicinity from the backyard. Check behind the red motor near the mop where the KGP file will be found placed on top of small crates.
  12. Enter the Cemetery. Advance forward till you reach the door of the chapel and search over the stone graves on the left side. There would be a stone grave that has a crack on the slab, in the crack is where you will find the twelfth KGP file.
  13. At marked location number 13; you will find a small campfire. On one of the wooden benches is where the thirteenth KGP file is placed.
  14. When you are investigating a murder in the Drunken Bear Inn, enter the kitchen through the door. Take another door to where the laundry machine is kept which seems like a storehouse. There would be a half-opened steel wardrobe where you can collect the final KGP file.

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