DC Justice League: Cosmic Chaos- How To Unlock All Costumes

DC Justice League: Cosmic ChaosDC Justice League: Cosmic Chaos is an open-world adventure chibi game where the unaffected members of the League i.e. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman gather together to foil the Fifth Dimension trickster Mxyzptlk plan. Myxzptlk has been always on a mission to annoy and torment Superman’s life. He is a classic villain or an antihero who is a Jester on his Fifth Dimension who often loves to prank.

The associates and companions of Superman i.e. Justice League are now in trouble as Mayor Snapper Carr is nowhere to be found and Starro the Conqueror has been summoned who is controlling other affected league members via Starfish. In this epic journey, you can equip the costumes that were introduced on certain issues and editions of the original comics and purge the evil with style!

How To Unlock All Costumes At DC Justice League: Cosmic Chaos

There are a total of 36 costumes for Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. So individually they possess 12 costumes each that can be unlocked. Collect the Comics Page and trade it with Booster Gold in order to unlock the mentioned costumes. Comics Pages can be found in the Chest or at top of the buildings or in the wilderness. Explore the Happy Harbor, the seaside town, and collect all the comics pages to flex in co-op.


  1. Rebirth (Default)
  2. Ocean Side Superman
  3. Justice League 3000
  4. New Krypton
  5. Eradicator Armor
  6. Kingdom Come
  7. Regeneration Superman
  8. Action Comics Superman
  9. Kryptonite Suit
  10. Roots Suit


  1. Rebirth (Default)
  2. Dark Knight Returns
  3. Justice League 3000
  4. Rainbow Batman
  5. Detective Comics #27
  6. Joker War Batman 100
  7. Troika Suit
  8. Ocean Side Batman
  9. Mummy Crime Fighter
  10. Zur-En-Arrh

Wonder Woman

  1. Rebirth (Default)
  2. Biker Suit Wonder Woman
  3. Secret Agent
  4. Black Body Suit
  5. Justice League 3000
  6. Sensation Comics Wonder Woman
  7. Ocean Side Wonder Woman
  8. Drowned Earth
  9. No Justice
  10. Themyscira Wonder Woman

2 Costumes each for all characters will be unlocked as you progress through the storyline i.e.


  1. Fifth Dimension Bruce Wayne
  2. Matches Malone


  1. Fifth Dimension Clark Kent
  2. Clark Kent

Wonder Woman

  1. Taco Whiz
  2. Fifth Dimension Diana Prince

Once you have collected all the costumes, you can equip any costume to look good and trash a bad school of fish. For more informative guides on DC Justice League: Cosmic Chaos, keep on visiting our site frequently as we upload new posts.

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