Wo Long Fallen Dynasty- Taoist’s House Key Side Quest Location

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Once you unlock the Hidden Village in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, you will get access to various side quests. One such quest requires you to find the House Key of a Taoist who has lost her House Key somewhere on the mountain during her training. Without any specific location, it might prove to be one of the most difficult tasks you will get in the Hidden Village. Taoist’s house needs to be unlocked in order to obtain rewards in the backyard as well as approach a man related to another quest. So, let’s focus on finding the House Keys first.

Taoist’s House Key Side Quest Location At Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

The Taoist House Key will be found in the Part 3 area known as “In Search Of The Immortal Wizard“. After you have activated the Battle Flag in the cave, head towards the vine stairs and move out of the cave entrance. Once you are out of the cave, on the left side, you will find the Taoist’s House Key. If you have already obtained it before you have accepted the side quest, then she might not accept the key. All you need to do is in the Key Items section; Favorite and Unfavorite the key. This will allow her to accept the key.

Open the door and you will find another Backyard door blocking your path. So, now in search of the second key; you will have to travel all the way to Part 5 “War’s Flames Blaze Fiercely“. Once you reach the sewer after entering the structure that resembles a Dragon’s head, advance till you find pillars supporting the roof in the sewer near the Marking Flag. Enter the first left passage which will lead you to the second Taoist’s House Key i.e. “Taoist’s Backyard Key“.

Next, approach the Taoist in the Hidden Village and she will demand a trade in exchange for the Chest’s Key. All you need to do is have these common items in your Inventory i.e.

  1. Fire Pot
  2. Anti-freeze Soil
  3. Mystic Crane

After trading these items, you will obtain the chest key i.e. “Zhu Xia’s Handmade Key” for each chest. Unlock the chest where each chest offers you Genuine Qi Crystals and Fragments, Crafting Materials, and Gears respectively.

Exploring the backyard, you will find a long hair guy sitting on one of the rock platforms. Who is he? We will explain about him in the next post as he is related to another part of the side quest. For more informative guides on Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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