Wo Long Fallen Dynasty- Missing Husband Side Quest Solution

Wo Long Fallen DynastyIn Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, there are various side quests and one such would be to find the “Missing Husband“. There are Hermits Of Tianzhu who are in distress and will provide different side quests. The Hermit in question would be searching for her husband in dangerous areas as you will encounter her outside Hidden Village. To complete the quest or as to say find the missing husband, you will be required to complete another side quest as mentioned in this post.

Missing Husband Side Quest Solution At Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Once you explore the Hidden Village, you will find the Hermit Of Tianzhu who is searching for her husband who has gone missing. As you proceed through the main story, Hermit Of Tianzhu can be encountered in three specific regions such as:

Part 5- Sub BattlefieldUninhibited Heart

Near the second Battle Flag location, before descending the stairs; on the right side of the house in the same vicinity you will find the Hermit standing behind a burnt wood structure and silo.

Part 6-Let’s Make Our Armors Shine!

Once you have raised the second and final Battle Flag, keep on advancing forward by climbing the ladder and hopping over the boat. Climb 2 ladders successively and drop down a floor to search the area where ultimately, you will find the Hermit.

Part 7-Let’s Make Our Halberds Shine!

After raising the second and final Battle Flag, move towards the town area. Instead of going forward make a turn right where there are a bunch of strong monsters. After defeating them, move forward until you reach a dead end. Climb the house and from there you can see the Hermit who is hard to miss. She will be standing safely in the midst of 3 houses on the ground.

In all these regions, the thing common will be her asking for the Copper in order to resume her search. After her third attempt, she will stop looking for her husband. To complete the current mission, you will need to find the Taoist’s House Key and complete her side quest. Once you have access to her house, you can move out from the backyard and advance forward to where her Husband will be meditating. Talk to him and he will return to his home.

Once again talk to the Hermit who will be found in the Hidden Village. For all your help, she will reward you with 200,000 Copper. For more informative guides on Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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