Wo Long Fallen Dynasty- How To Get & Farm Cup Of Cordiality

Wo Long Fallen DynastyIn Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, when we are introduced to the various enemies and specifically the first boos; he stood dauntingly. Once we defeat him and find companions during your journey; they assist you during combat in every possible way. Thus, giving you the chance to leave most of the battlefield with so much as a scratch or nothing. Companions are indispensable and irreplaceable to a character. The increase in Oath level simply benefits your character to such a degree that you can obtain all the gears and weapons of your companion when it is at max. To aim for that we have a farming technique for the “Cup of Cordiality” which is used to increase the Oath.

How To Get & Farm Cup Of Cordiality At Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

We have learned that whenever the game is reset or the map is reset; the items spawn back again as if nothing has changed. In Part 4, Main Battlefield i.e. “The Battle Of Hulaoguan Pass“, we will obtain a Cup Of Cordiality in a chest. The chest is located on top of the tower where you can raise the Battle Flag. Under that tower i.e. before climbing up the ladder, there will be a Shitieshou sitting which you can’t miss.

Open the chest and activate the Battle Flag to travel back to the starting point again. Once you know the route; it will take you 1 min 30 seconds to obtain the Cup of Cordiality as shown in the video below by DSGaming.

Another location to farm the Cup Of Cordiality is in Part 2, Main Battlefield i.e. “The Demon Fort Of The Yellow Heaven“. Cup Of Cordiality will be found again near one of the Battle Flags in front of the gate where a huge pyre is set up beyond i.e. on fire. You will encounter a Changgui to be exact near the Battle Flag location as shown in the video below again by DSGaming who deserves a sub up to this point.

Hurry up and gather as many cups of Cordiality as you want before any patch ruins this farming method. Improve the relationship and reach level 10 Oath in order to get a copy of your companion’s Weapon and Armor.

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