Wo Long Fallen Dynasty- How To Use Weapon Embedment

Wo Long Fallen DynastyIn Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, each weapon has a certain and specific moveset. The weapon can be deadlier depending on the status embed in it. However, you will never obtain such a weapon that has all the useful special effects and buffs forged that compliments your build. Now, here comes the weapon embedment feature that allows you to extract and insert any special effects which you find useful for your current weapon. In this guide, we have explained the importance of weapon embedment and tips that might stop you from wasting materials.

How To Use Weapon Embedment At Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

The embedment feature will be unlocked once you arrive at the Hidden Village and talk to Zhu Xia, the blacksmith. From then onward, instead of selling or discarding any weapon or items; salvaging materials and Embedment seems much more reasonable. During your visit to the blacksmith, make sure that you extract the useful special effects from a weapon in which you have no interest with the help of Embedment.

Extracted Special Effects are inserted in your weapons or armor as they have slots to take in. The rarity of your weapon signifies how many special effects it can contain. So, stacking up useful special effects on your weapons and armor can improve the functionality and build you are going for.

To perform Embedment, you will need Jewel Fragments. Jewel Fragments is obtained after Salvaging items. Under your Salvageable Materials, you can verify and check which weapon provides the required resources before salvaging. Such flexibility allows you to craft and experiment with all types of special effects thus, granting you to create your own endgame weapon.

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