Wo Long Fallen Dynasty- How To Get 5-Star Accessories All Time

Wo Long Fallen DynastyIn Wo Long Fallen Dynasty there are various combat features that allow your character to deal heavy damage and grant you the potential to one-shot any enemy. As you level up your character and continue the story, we would find multiple pieces of equipment and gear after defeating enemies that enhance your build.

The quality of gears is represented by the star rating. 5-star weapons simply triumph over any lower-star weapon in an aspect of raw stats. However, the main advantage of having 5-star weapons is that there are 5 slots to equip buffs. Having 5 Star accessories equipped in your loadout is your end goal and to achieve that we have compiled this guide specifically for it.

How To Get 5-Star Accessories Guaranteed At Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

There are a total of 23 Shitieshou Panda Bears chilling at certain locations whom you can find during your exploration. The Shitieshou can’t be underestimated as these Pandas are the only guaranteed way to get 5-Star Accessories for your character. To feed Shitieshou or the Pandas, you will need to drop your item and wait. They will eat or consume your items after a short while and in exchange, you will obtain an item that has the same and equivalent quality compared to what you feed them. So, if you drop a Level 5 item or weapon, you will obtain randomized level 5 accessories.

This allows every player to fully utilize and maximize the efficiency of each build. Constantly feeding Shitieshou means your inventory has to be loaded in order to spend your 5-star items like it’s not a big deal. Even if you do not have any precious items to exchange at the beginning, as you proceed ahead, there would be lots of resources in your dispense. Until you are satisfied with your drop, you can reroll or feed Shitieshou till he drops a useful accessory that compliments your build.

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