Wo Long Fallen Dynasty- How To Farm Genuine Qi Fast

Wo Long Fallen DynastyWo Long Fallen Dynasty is live and most role-playing video game enthusiasts have started grinding and advancing forward in this action-packed dark fantasy survival game. Your character might be weak at the beginning, however as we learn the mechanism i.e. Morale Rank and your character Level; you will start dishing out high damage even considering how poorly you are equipped. The fastest way to get strong is to Level Up your character by gaining or farming Genuine Qi. There are a few spots for an early and intermediate stage to farm which we have mentioned in this guide that is proved to be useful.

How To Farm Genuine Qi Fast At Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

The game offers you a stealth attack to deal a heavy devastating blow that can even 1 shot powerful enemies depending on your gear. To farm there are 2 conditions, respawn the enemy and kill it quickly to repeat the process. There is a location in “The Valley Of Crying Wraiths” where a four-winged dragon patrols on a platform that gives 1.8k Genuine Qi. Near it, there is a Battle Flag where you can reset the spawn as shown in the video below by RageGamingVideos.

Approach stealthily and farm following this process in the early game. Once you reach the mid-game, there is another spot where you can farm up to 20k Genuine Qi which is a lot if not less. At “Darkness Over the Hanshui River“, there is a huge lizard or crocodile patrolling near the Battle Flag as shown in the video below by RW Gaming Shorts.

You can jump up to 20-30 levels if you are not afraid of grinding in the same location for a time being which will make your progress easy and enemies cannon fodder. Support the channels and if you are up for more informative guides on Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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