Sons Of The Forest Tree Regrow & Log Sled Guide

Sons Of the Forest

In Sons of the Forest, you have a task assigned which is to find the mission persons on an island filled with cannibals and mutants. You need to survive and build a camp for yourself to survive the nights on this island. The game features different biomes and seasonal weather changes. Below you will find do trees regrow in this game, and how to get a Sled, and log Sled.

Sons Of The Forest Do Trees Regrow?

In the sequel Forest, players have the option to toggle on and off the regrowth of trees. Unfortunately, this game does not offer such an option, leaving players confused as to whether the trees regrow or not.

Trees are a critical resource in this game as they provide logs that can be used to build many structures. Although the regrowth of trees may be incredibly slow, without a log sled, players may need to go far away to collect logs if all the trees near them have been cut down. It is possible developers may add this feature in a future update, allowing players to toggle the regrowth of trees on or off.

How To Get Sled

To obtain a Sled, players need to find a 3D Printer. These printers can be found in one of the marked caves or in an underground bunker. To access the printer in the bunker, you will need to obtain a keycard first. You can check out our previous guide for the bunker location.

Once you find the 3D Printer, you can select the Sled from the laptop for a cost of 1000resin. You will also find a lot of resin in the same cave and a tent. You can save your game in the tent and reload it to farm the resources again. This way, you can 3D print all the items available in the printer. The Sled can be used only to slide downhill and cannot be used to carry resources.

Sons Of The Forest Log Sled

A log shed is one of the items in the Forest that players use a lot to transport resources. The log shed could carry logs, stones, corpses, and rocks. In this game, there is no option to craft or build one, but it may come in a future update. For now, players can only be able to 3D print a Sled and use it to go downhill.

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