Sons Of The Forest- What Is That Strength Icon Means?

Sons Of he ForestIn Sons Of The Forest, there are multiple icons that represent your character’s Health and Vitality. However, it is quite confusing as to what the Strength icon means even in this horror, survival game. Does it increases your damage or boost up some other physical attributes? Is it related to your Health condition or whatnot? We learned a few things about how your Strength affects your overall game and explained it all in this guide.

What Is That Strength Icon Means In Sons Of The Forest

There are things that we have noticed regarding the Strength Icon from the beginning of the game and we can conclude one fact for sure i.e. performing different actions such as Tree Cutting or moving with logs to build houses or structures will increase your Strength Level. Your Maximum Health will increase slightly when you gain a strength Level. As shown in the image below, you can check the difference in how Level 1 Strength and Level 6 Strength Level affect your total HP.

Level 1 Strength
Sons Of The ForestLevel 6 Strength

Sons Of The ForestConsidering the benefit, it is recommended to indulge in activity rather than bossing around Kelvin to build and gather materials. However, Kelvin is so much better at collecting resources and food i.e. Fish. You can give him tasks to gather food when you and your friends keep on building a huge mansion. Even battling and killing cannibals or mutants with melee weapons increases your strength.

When you increase your Strength Level, it also increases your maximum Stamina as it scales with vitality. As the day passes, your character will get buffed and strong. Does it increase your Melee damage? It doesn’t seem like it increases your output damage while dishing it out using your melee weapon. However, as your stamina is increased you can sneak in more slash while attacking.

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