Sons Of The Forest- How To Farm Feathers

Sons Of he ForestAs the resources are scarce, farming in Sons Of The Forest is not typically difficult if you know your way around. The game was released in Early Access and has been showered with positive results from communities left and right. There would be instances in the future where new recipes will be added, as there are items that have fewer and minimum uses such as Feather. It clearly needs to be used in multiple recipes instead of one as of now i.e. Stone Arrow. It’s not bad to learn beforehand how to farm certain resources and stock them for future uses. So, let’s learn how to farm feathers.

How To Farm Feathers In Sons Of The Forest

Feathers can only be obtained from Birds. As the target is small and has more agility, it is tough to aim and kill the bird. If there was a way where you can let them sit still and hunt them for the resources, it would simplify everything. Well, there is a way!

Open your Journal or Crafting Book to switch the mode and turn pages till you find the “Stick Structures” and reinforce it by placing 3 rocks. The recipe dictates:

  1. Place the Stick vertically on the ground.
  2. Reinforce it with 3 stones.
  3. Place Skull on top of the stick.

Place multiple of these reinforced stick structures and you can see that the birds fly in and sit on top of the skull. This makes the bird an easy target and a fun version of target practice in the wild with your friends to go on.

Another way to collect feathers is to craft and place the Birdhouse near your house. You can collect the feathers which will be stored in the birdhouse after a period of time. You can even casually approach and not from far away, aim at birds who approach or relaxes in your birdhouse to kill and collect feathers instantly. Make sure that you do not hit your birdhouse as it can be demolished easily.

Feather is used to craft Stone Arrow which is excellent in hunting animals and fending off enemies as the ammunition can be retrieved and not much will be lost. If you are up for more informative guides on Sons Of The Forest, check the guides mentioned below the description:

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