Sons Of The Forest- Can You Use Turtle Shell As Water Collector

Sons Of he ForestSons Of The Forest is a sequel to The Forest and it all reminds us how we used to consume water and survive by drinking water from the Water Collector. It required Turtle Shell as a base to collect water from where we quenched our thirst. The feeling of nostalgia has brought us to the same question i.e. whether we can use Turtle Shell as a Water Collector in Sons Of The Forest or not.

Can You Use Turtle Shell As Water Collector In Sons Of The Forest

To collect a Turtle Shell, you will need to hunt and kill the turtles that are found near the ocean. Once you skin the shell and collect raw turtle meat, you can find the Turtle Shell in your Inventory i.e. placed in the upper right corner above the bones. As there is no recipe to build a Water Collector to store water, you can’t create one for yourself. However, we can see that a Turtle Shell consumes a slot in your Inventory which means it can be added in the near future as the game is still in Early Access.

The main source of fresh water is the running water or lake water in this game and as there is no penalty, you have access to the water all around the island. The con is that you have to build your camp near a water source where time to time the cannibals migrate to drink water and notice us to attack further on.

The only way to store water is to print a flask using a 3D Printer. It solves the critical problem of your expedition i.e. hydrating yourself. It is a useful tool that has a higher impact when obtained early. So make sure you have 100 Printer Resin to print one.

So, in conclusion, there is only one way to collect and store water so far i.e. Flask. For more informative guides on Sons Of The Forest, check out below:

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