Sons Of The Forest VIP & Maintenance Keycard Location

Sons Of the Forest

In Sons Of Forest, you will find various different types of items that will help you survive on the Island filled with mutants. These mutants can deal some serious damage, so you need to be prepared before encountering them. For that you need to remain well stocked with supplies and these supplies can be found in various camps, caves, and bunkers. In these bunkers, you will find some locked rooms that can be accessed via keycards. Below you will find the location of these keycards.

Sons Of The Forest How To Get Maintenance Keycard

To find the maintenance keycard, you need to first reach the location shown in the above image. There you will find some Geodetic equipment Laser Levels and a few old carts. In the GPS, this location will be marked with Dot and a green circle around it.

There you need to find the ground with a shovel mark. Dig the ground using the shovel to find the underground bunker. Get inside the bunker using the ladder and go through the hallway. On the right side, you will find a room with couches, a TV, a computer, and a laptop with a printer. You will find the maintenance keycard on the laptop table.

Sons Of The Forest How To Get a VIP Keycard

Just near the location where you found the maintenance keycard, there will be another marker on the GPS. Go inside the cave to find a bunker where you can use the maintenance keycard to open a locked door.

After opening the door, keep going straight till the end and take a left. There you will find rooms half submerged in water. Keep swimming through the room till the end and then take a left to find a control room. There you will find some supplies and on the table, you will find a VIP keycard.

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