Sons Of The Forest All Hidden Achievements & How To Complete

Sons Of the Forest

Sons of the Forest is one of the most anticipated games on Steam as it is the sequel to The Forest which was released in 2014. The Forest was a massive success back then and because of this a lot of players were eagerly waiting for the sequel. The Sons Of The forest is still in early access and there are 28 hidden achievements that players need to unlock. Below you will find all the secret hidden achievements and how to unlock them.

Sons Of The Forest All Hidden Achievements Lists

There is a total of 28 hidden achievements in this game that are:

  • This Can’t Be Healthy – You need to drink 50 Cans Of Fi-Z that can be found in the crates and camps.
  • Collector – You need to pick up 50 watches that can also be found in the crates, camps, and skin pouches.
  • 1% – Collect 1000$
  • Foodie – You need to eat all the edibles available in this game at least once.
  • Tradesman – You need to build any structure by placing over 50 logs.
  • Contractor – You need to build any structure by placing over 100 logs.
  • Architect – You need to build any structure by placing over 500 logs.
  • City Planner – You need to build any structure by placing over 1000 logs.
  • Survivor – Survive 1 Day, you need to sleep in a tent or shelter.
  • What Could Go Wrong – Survive 10 Days.
  • The Place Isn’t So Bad – Survive 25 Days.
  • Never Going Home – Survive 50 Days.
  • Pinata – You need to blow up a Sluggy (mutant stuck between walls) that can be found in a cave. Besides Sluggy you will find the timebomb that can be thrown to blow it up.
  • Fashionista – Own All Clothing.
  • Dynamo – You need to craft a lot of tech mesh using the printer inside the cave. You can save the game in the printer room and keep reloading to find a lot of resin. Craft around 7-8 tech mesh and stack equip them onto your character.
  • Trusted – Become a trusted player in a multiplayer game.
  • Maker – Print all the items available in the printer.
  • I Dream Of Sushi – You need to eat 20 raw fish that can be caught using a spear from the river.
  • MC Crafty – Craft all types of weapons available in the game.
  • Badger – Dig 100 holes.
  • I Like Blisters – Dig 1000 holes.
  • Sucker For Punishment – You need to get kicked by a heavy cannibal 5 times. Heavy cannibals can be found in the bigger camps.
  • Every Move You Make – Give a GPS location to Virginia the girl with four legs.
  • Chivalry Is Not Dead – Reach max sentiment with Virginia
  • Need A Bigger Boat – Die from the shark while swimming in the water.
  • Keep Your Friends Close – Complete the story with all friendly NPC alive.
  • Fought Demons – Leave the island at the end of the game by interacting with the helicopter
  • Fight Demons –  Stay on the island to fight demons by interacting with your inventory by looking back.

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