How To Befriend And Gain Virginia’s Trust In Sons Of The Forest

Sons Of he ForestIn Sons Of Forest, as the game began where we learned about the missing Puffton Family whom we have to rescue. However, after the plane crash, you and Kelvin along with your companion live to say the tale. However, on the deserted island where mutants and cannibals exist, you will find a curious three-legged female observing your actions carefully. She is “Virginia Puffton“, the daughter of “Edward Puffton“. There is an achievement that you can obtain after reaching max sentiment with Virginia. However, how to befriend her?

How To Befriend And Gain Virginia’s Trust In Sons Of The Forest

Virginia would be found nearby water streams quenching her thirst or minding her own business. Instead of attacking, press “G” and approach her. Still, Virginia will get scared and flee for her life as she has survived in this wilderness by fleeing from the strong/unknown and hunting the weak animals. Even though she has mutated; her survival instinct and empathy will allow her to befriend you.

After the first meeting, she will gradually approach your camp and roam around nearby whenever you are building a structure. Even there are instances where she will be chased by the cannibals. At that moment, if you save her from the attack you will be gaining trust. Make sure to let her go down even though you are helping her get rid of those pesky bots. We even tried hurting her and ultimately downed her so that we can revive her. It worked!

Sons Of The Forest

SonsOnce you revive her, she will run away far from the incident. Next time when she visits you in the jungle while exploring, you will notice the sudden change in her attitude and she will point you toward the cave and not get afraid of you anymore as shown in the image below.

Sons Of The ForestShe will approach you from time to time and give you gifts such as berries or animals. The exchange of gifts is a result of befriending her. Make sure you are empty-handed and do not make any sudden movements to scare her during the bonding process. After gaining her full trust, you will be able to interact and gain yourself one of the valuable NPCs.

Instead of giving her command similar to Kelvin, you can items to her. Virginia can equip two weapons at a given instance and will attack from both. You can give her a Pistol, Shotgun, and a GPS Tracker. One use of GPS Tracker is to track her on the map as she wanders around. She makes it easier to deal with cannibals outside. However, do make sure to revive her and not kill her by mistake, or else you will not get another achievement that counts on your companion’s survivability.

If you are wondering about your weapon, then you can retrieve it back and she will not object. However, when you have such an arsenal of weapons in your Inventory, giving up two of your weapon is not much of a deal. Due to her dressing, it is easy to guess that her visit to cold areas is low. She will visit you surely but the frequency of it will be quite low.

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