Atomic Heart- How To Save The Trapped Man

atomic heartIn Atomic Heart, you will find that the disaster and the chaos left their civilization upside down. Humans living together in harmony along with machines is a wild dream that has turned into a nightmare when they all rebelled. The chaos has left many humans as well as robots dead in a jiffy. P-3 while adding up the rogue robot corpses will stumble across a trapped man while searching to get the Polymer Canister from the Algae workshop. He will ask for a favor and can you do anything to complete or save him?

How To Save The Trapped Man At Atomic Heart

The Trapped Man asks you to finish him off and you simply reply to wait for the medic. Failing an attempt to falsely assure him, The Trapped Man caught the bluff and coughed before stating the obvious, “What medic? The entire Facility has gone down, and who knows when the rescue team is going to be here”. Well, next you will have 3 options given i.e.

  1. What makes you think the whole place has gone ‘tits up’?
  2. Maybe there’s a way to lift this thing. Give me a sec, okay?
  3. Right. I’ll try to figure something out. [Exit]

Choose any of these options either talk to him or simply ignore and leave him be or slash him into pieces as he requests. Nothing will change the fact that he was already dead when you found him! All the voices heard or all the talking done is simply the lingering or last thoughts of the dead via Thought Device. Thought Devices simply plays their last memories for a few hours until it gets wiped out.

We left that trapped man in agony as there was nothing much to do. Unlock the gate and collect the polymer canister by overclocking the motors ahead to follow the story. Even though there are multiple endings, the current choice will not affect your story.

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