Atomic Heart Scanner, Load Cartridge, & How To Throw

atomic heart

Atomic Heart is an FPS action RPG game developed by Mundfish. You start the game in a Utopian world where humans and robots co-exist with each other. Once the robots go out of control and start mutating and wreaking havoc, only you will be able to stop them and uncover the secrets. There are various weapons, upgrades, and items available in this game that can be used to defeat these robots. Below you will find how to use some of the feature like scanner, cartridge and throw items.

Atomic Heart How To Use Scanner

The scanner feature can be obtained at the start of the game in the quest “No Rest For The Wicked”. You need to hold the left ALT button to use the scanner on a PC. To use the scanner feature in Xbox you need to double-tap the RB button or hold the RB button on your second tap. For Playstation you need to double-tap the R1 button or hold the R1 button on your second tap to keep the scanner going.

While scanning you will find various objects in different colors, these colors pretty much indicate the things you are going to find. There are four types of color you will find while scanning which are blue that depicts an item to be collected. Orange is for enemies, and white for things to interact.

Atomic Heart How To Load Cartridge

Cartridges are the extra items that can be equipped in a gun to give it an elemental boost. There are different elemental cartridges which are: fire, electric, and ice. You need to obtain the cartridge gun upgrade and then craft them using a Nora.

Once you have crafted them, you need to keep them in your inventory. Now there is no tutorial on how to use them and it might get a bit confusing. You need to now open your weapon wheel and in the bottom middle, you will find a hexagon icon. Select the icon and you will able to equip a cartridge on the weapon that you are holding.

To open the wheel menu on the PC press the middle mouse button, on Xbox press X and on the PlayStation press Square.

Atomic Heart How To Throw

To throw items in this game, first, you need to find any light objects that can be lifted using the glove power. Press the R1 or RB button near the object to pick it up. Then press the button again and hold it till your hands start shaking a bit which indicates you can throw the item farther.

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