Wild Hearts All Weapons List & How To Unlock/ Craft Them

Wild hearts

Wild Hearts is an action role-playing game where you hunt various different types of monsters called Kemono. You wield the power of Karakuri and can conjure items using threads to defeat these Kemono. Apart from your Karakuri power, you can wield 8 different types of weapons and each weapon is unique on its own. Each weapon has a different attack and play style. Below you will find how to forge and unlock all the weapons.

Wild Hearts How To Get Or Forge New Weapons

To forge weapons or unlock different weapons, you will first have to set up a camp and then unlock the field forge. There you will be able to craft new armor and weapons. There is a total of 8 different types of weapons out of which 5 are available at the beginning of the game which are:

  • Karakuri Katana
  • Nodachi
  • Bow
  • Maul
  • Bladed Wagasa

The Karakuri Katana will be unlocked from the beginning while the rest four can be forged using the field forge. The Nodachi is a big sword that deals some heavy damage. The bow is for players who like to take out their prey from afar. Maul is a type of weapon to deal massive damage to Kemono that are of stone types or those who have heavy armor like Lavaback. Bladed Wagasa is a deadly umbrella that can parry your enemy’s attack.

To unlock the remaining three weapons, you need to first reach the Village Of Minato and then complete a few quests. First, you need to defeat a Kemono called Spineglider, after that accept Suzuran’s quest to defeat the Lavaback Kemono. Return to the Village of Minato and interact with Toga-Hime and then Natsume to unlock the remaining three items in the forge.

Now you will be able to forge three new weapons at your camp or anywhere using the field forge. The remaining three weapons are:

  • Canon
  • Clawblade
  • Karakuri Staff

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