Wild Hearts Your Game Failed To Launch EA Launcher Bug

Wild Heart is an action role-playing game similar to the MH series. In this game, you can party with up to three other people to complete the quest and hunt Kemono. Some PC players might face errors after buying the game to progress their story to reach the Minato village. You might also have to upgrade your launcher from Origin to EA launcher which has some bugs where players are unable to launch the game as EA play subscription not showing on EA launcher.

Wild Hearts An Error Occour On Our End

If you have been seeing this message whenever you are trying to start the game, this means you are playing from steam and have an EA play subscription. You also have been screwed with countless other gamers who have been hoping to enjoy the 10 hours of early access as promised by EA.

After playing the game for just 1-2 hours you will reach the end of the trail and to continue your game and reach Minato village you will have to buy the game. But the error arises after buying it, although you have the full game and an EA play subscription, now you won’t be able to access the game completely.

For some reason, the EA launcher is unable to recognize the EA play membership that you have purchased from steam. People who have purchased the EA play membership on both steam and EA launcher but bought the game from steam are still unable to play the game.

Multiple complaints have been posted by many users in the forum HERE. This problem has been noticed by the EA community manager but no solutions have been provided. EA might just be waiting for the game to release so that the problem will be fixed automatically, rather than just fixing the problem. So for the players who have bought the game on Steam and waiting to try it on, you might just have to wait for the full release.

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