Hogwarts Legacy No Main Quest Fix How To Get Them

Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy, there are 57 side quests, 12 assignments, and 13 chapters that you need to complete to know the full story. Apart from that there are various field guides filled with lore that can find by exploring every area. While playing the game you will reach an area where you will stop getting main quests.

You might keep doing the side quests, dungeons, puzzles, and everything you could do in the game to increase your level and think the main quest will pop up later. But even after doing everything, the main quest might not show up. Below you will find a simple way that could bring back the main quest without completing all the side quests or puzzles.

Hogwarts Legacy How To Fix No Main Quest

If you are stuck at some point waiting for the main quest to appear, you need to check your mail in Owl Post. For us, the mail was from Lodgok and after reading the mail the main quest was available again.

For some missions, you will need to reach the location either day or night time to start the quest, but you will be able to skip time at the quest area by waiting. For some quests, you need to complete a certain assignment or learn a certain spell to unlock them.

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