Dead Space Remake- “Z-Baller” Hidden Achievement Guide

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In Dead Space Remake, the game has to offer achievements whenever you progress and reach certain goals after performing specific actions. There are two types of Achievements i.e. Normal and Secret Achievements. “Z-Baller” comes under secret achievement which can be unlocked or obtained after completing a specific task that is not related to the main story.

“Z-Baller” Hidden Achievement Guide For Dead Space Remake

In Chapter 10, when you can access the Crew Quarters; there is a specific room i.e. Zero-G Gym. There would be an advertisement or a notification on the screen showing that at Zero-G Gym sign-ups are available for Z-Ball Tournament. It is a minigame played obviously on Zero Gravity where you have to throw balls on the basket to score. To distract you, some Necromorphs will spawn and attack you during your first attempt. However, after that, you can play the minigame without any hassle.

If you are outside the Zero-G Gym, there would be a Text Log that contains the detail about the Z-Ball Rules which most of us have skipped. As we believe in learning from our own actions! In short, you have to throw balls inside the basket that has blue, yellow, green, and orange rings. There is a multiplier if you score on a basket that lights up.

  • The score for each basket is 5.
  • The score for each illuminated basket is 10.

To obtain the Z-Baller Achievement, you will have to reach Level 6 and score 220. Once you complete Level 6, you will be rewarded with a node and other valuable items in the cafeteria i.e. present in the lockers. For more informative guides on Dead Space Remake, click on the links that have been mentioned below the description:

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