Dead Space Remake Security Clearance How To Open Doors

dead space remake

Dead Space Remake is a 2023 survival horror game that is the remake of one of the most fantastic games of 2008 called Dead Space. The game was again re-made using EA publisher’s own frostbite engine to improve the visuals and add ray tracing while staying true to its previous gameplay.

You start the game by exploring the USG Ishimura the vessel built to mine planets for minerals suddenly goes silent. While exploring you will come across various doors that are locked and need a security clearance to open them. Behind these doors, you will find various materials to upgrade your weapons and collectibles. Below you will find how to increase your security clearance and open these doors.

Dead Space Remake Increase Security Clearance

If you plan to explore every nook and corner of the Ishimura you need to have the highest security clearance to open all the doors. The best part is that you don’t have to do anything on your own, as you keep on playing the game, your security clearance will increase. By the time you reach chapter 7, your security clearance will be upgraded to level 3 and you will be able to open all the doors that require this security clearance.

You need to also play the previous chapters again, to find and open all the doors. If you are having any problem finding these doors, you can open your map, and the rooms that require security clearance will display a number near the door.

To increase your security clearance to level 1 you need to reach chapter 2. In this chapter, you need to find Captain’s body and retrieve the Rig. After that, you will talk to Hammod in the comms who will tell you to head back to the security checkpoint and he will increase your security clearance level.

Similarly, you just need to keep on playing the game and the security clearance will increase to level 2 in chapter 4 and level 3 in chapter 7.

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