Forspoken- Story Recap- Who Is The Final Boss Susurrus?

ForspokenIn Forspoken, each Boss are a force to be reckoned with. The open-world role-playing action game was released for PS5 and PC platforms. It was one of the most anticipated games of 2023 as the combat and visuals are pretty clean. Mastering all of Tanta’s Magic enables Frey to be one of the most powerful Tanta who can oppose the final boss Susurrus. This post contains spoilers!

Who Is Susurrus And What Happens At The End In Forspoken?

Frey later revealed to be one of the Tanta, has begun her journey accompanied by an unfamiliar companion, i.e. Cuff or Vambrace. It was foreshadowed at the beginning when they each exchanged names and introduced themselves. They both were an outsider to this land which is known as Athia.

Susurrus was the last trump card and the revenge of Rheddig’s against the powerful Tantas in order to invade Athia. Susurrus was defeated, however, it was hard to kill him, so the Tantas secured a way to seal him by scattering his soul into different pieces.

The story was far from over. The corruption of Susurrus gradually affected the Tantas making them mad and wild. Frey who was caught in between Athia and all this madness starts learning about her past. However, she has already started walking onto the bloody path which cannot be undone.

When the Third Tanta was defeated, Cuff became powerful enough to escape from the Frey’s wrist and as the soul remanent of Cuff/Susurrus was restored, he regained its former glory/self. It was none other than Susurrus “The Rheddig’s Revenge”.

To resist the Demon, Frey concentrates on her Magic as in surprise nothing happens. Susurrus chuckles after watching the futile resistance of Frey and explains that it was his power and due to his guidance, she has traveled such distance. After escaping the castle where the Demon was resurrected.

The Dragon whom you encountered at the beginning was Frey’s mother. Naturally, Cuff didn’t want to be recognized by the Tanta Cinta so he ordered and took advantage of Frey’s confusion to paint the Dragon as her enemy. After the betrayal, Frey dived deep into the consciousness known as Svargana, the wellspring where she learns the truth and regains her composure to fight back.

Susurrus Boss Fight

Susurrus Murmuration

The first battle phase is where Frey along with Cinta (who is in her dragon form) fights Susurrus Murmuration in the air. Aiming at his weak point in the mist, you will triumph and dictate the battle. However, Susurrus will later burn Cinta with his laser and the second phase of combat will begin.


The Awakened Tanta Frey has obtained a new skill “Skip” to evade any attacks. The AOE attacks in this particular battle phase can be easily dodged using the newly learned skill “Skip“. After pounding the Demon’s heart, Susurrus is weakened and short of breath. Now, the final phase of the final battle has begun in Forspoken.


The final phase is one of the most challenging and insane fights fought on the ground. After channeling her inner Tanta and using the magic of all other Tantas, you can chain spells and create your own sick damage dealing flashy combos.

Once you defeat Susurrus, the quiet peaceful town will celebrate the victory and honor the fallen Tantas. The disaster known as Susurrus is not yet perished and for the troubled individuals who are wondering how is Homer from the time when you have selected the path to defeat Susurrus. In the final cutscene, Homer is shown doing fine with Judge Bird and how much Frey misses them both, especially Homer. During this scene, we got to see a shining light similar to Susurrus was seen back in New York.

The coincidence might not be uncanny as Frey has a feeling that it is not yet over and they don’t have a clue to reach all the other realms. So, the next generation protector Auden will research his father’s notes whereas Frey will act as Tanta and look over the citizens along with his partner in crime “Cuff” also known as Vambrace”.

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