Hi-Fi Rush How To Open Numbered Blocked Doors

Hi-Fi Rush

In Hi-Fi Rush you will find various inaccessible doors during the early stages that you need to leave for the time being. Once you have got enough power you will be able to visit these stages to get through these doors. While exploring various nooks and corners of each stage, you might come across a numbered door that will be inaccessible with no buttons or way to enter. Below you will find how to open these doors and what’s behind them.

Hi-Fi Rush Open Numbered Blocked Doors

The main currency of the game with which you will be able to upgrade your character is the parts. These parts are scattered across all the stages, you can find them inside the crates, barrels, and sometimes hidden from the camera angle. You need to search each and every corner of the area to find all the parts.

While doing so you will come across some numbered doors that signify the stage you are playing. These doors will be red in color and inaccessible. Once you reach higher stages, you will allies will tell you to leave that door for now as they also don’t know what it does.

Once the game is completed, Peppermint will find some signals coming out of these rooms that need to be checked and after then only you can access these rooms. It means you need to complete the game once and replay the stage to find the door.

Hi-Fi Rush Behind Numbered Locked Doors

Behind these doors, you will find various different types of challenges that you need to complete within the time given. You need to complete all the challenges by visiting each numbered door in every stage to find out more about these signals.

The first challenge that I encountered was defeating a few flying drones without standing on the ground for 3 seconds. You need to keep using your grappling hook to fly toward each drone and destroy them without touching the ground to complete the challenge.

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