Hi-Fi Rush How To Pass Through Flame Thrower Doors

Hi-Fi Rush

Hi-Fi Rush is an action-adventure rhythm-based game developed by Tango Gameworks. The game has a great story with humor and the best part of it is the combat system. In addition to this, you can unlock various combos, special attacks, items, and chips that will enhance your temporal displacement ability. There are various parts and collectibles you need to collect while playing the game to upgrade your character. Below you will find a way to extinguish the flames that are blocking the doors.

Hi-Fi Rush Pass Through Flame Thrower Doors

In this game, there are various collectibles hidden in different parts of the stages. You need to check each and every corner to find all the collectibles. While searching for the collectibles, you will come across a door with flames blocking your way. In the starting stages, you won’t be able to pass through these doors and need to find a different route forward.

To extinguish these flames, you will need the power of one of your allies who will join you after your fourth boss fight. I don’t want to spoil the story or who will be the new ally that you need to use. If you have found a door blocked by flames, you have already defeated the first boss.

After beating the boss, you will obtain a new ability that will help you bring one of your allies temporal displacement and help you across the stages. The first ally you will meet will be peppermint which can shoot down shields.

Your second ally’s temporal displacement ability will help you bring down Z-Shield and cracked walls. The third ally will help you extinguish those flames blocking the doors. To obtain your third ally you need to defeat the fourth boss and as you encounter the flame-blocking doors in the previous stage, replaying those stages might be possible once you beat the game.

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