Forspoken All Sila’s Red Magic & Spell List


In Forspoken there are a plethora of spells that can be combined and deal massive elemental damage to your enemies. But to obtain these spells players need to keep on playing, collecting mana, and finding the fountain of blessings. There are four types of magic available in this game which are Purple (Frey), Red (Sila’s), Green (Olas), and Blue (Prav). Below you will find all the Red magic spells available in this game.

Forspoken Sila’s Red Magic Tanta Of Strength

Charge – Rush forward with a magical shield that pushes enemies back on impact.

Arc Slice – Slash the area in front of you with a magical sword and when performed mid-air, the slash range is less but will deal more damage.

Blast Slice – Fires magical spear made of flame towards enemies that deal damage upon impact. While the mid-air blast slice deals more damage and can hit farther enemies.

Rage Slice – Hit multiple punches to the enemies while charging and then send them up flying with explosive force.

Bombardier – kick enemies and send them flying, dealing explosive damage in the area where they land.

Aegis – Remove attack or defense reducing the effects of enemies and increasing attack power.

Fusillade – Summon flame swords around you that attack enemies while you are charging up magic attacks.

Beacon – Summons a fiery light on top of you that increases the stamina recharge speed but enemies can spot you easily.

Legion – Summon fiery soldiers for you that will attack enemies.

Crucible – Create a fiery ring around you and inside the ring your attack power will increase.

Fire Trap – Lava comes out from the ground in a small area that lasts for a minute. Enemies that come in contact with the lava or step on it will take damage.

Conflagration – Summons a wave of lava in front of you that deals massive damage. Levels 2 and 3 increase the area and damage.

Amplify – Increase the stats of your cloak which provides a magic boost.

Zip – Can be used as a lasso or grappling hook that helps your parkour and explore various areas.

Rush – Boost the flow ability and increase the movement speed.

Soar – Increase the distance that Frey can climb while running up the wall.

Drag and Drop – Pulls enemies near you.

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