Forspoken- All Prav’s Spell List Of The Blue Magic

ForspokenIn Forspoken, there are a total of 4 Magic Spells that you can learn and master if you obtain enough Mana. Players cannot unlock all the spells in a single storyline as you will encounter the boss pretty quickly. Apart from story there are so many contents that the players can get immersed into. However, this guide is only for those who are interested in the Blue Magic of Prav’s Spell and what does each do.

All Prav’s Spell List Of The Blue Magic At Forspoken

Tanta Prav’s Magic also recognized as Blue magic has to offer us Water damage. The Magic Skill lists are mentioned below:

Support Magic

  • Naedre: Sends a poisonous column of water sneaking toward the enemy that can envenomate those it strikes.
  • Maelstrom: Summons a watery pillar in the designated spot that protects against ranged attacks.
  • Brume: An attack that kicks up an obscuring spray around the enemy, making it hard for them to spot you.
  • Eagre: Emits a watery barrier over a wide area, sending nearby enemies flying.
  • Ablution: Causes a purifying rain to fall that can cure status ailments that slow stamina recovery.
  • Inundation: Heightens the senses, improving the critical hit rate of Frey’s spells.
  • Alb: Dramatically reduces the damage caused by a single incoming unblockable or piercing attack.
  • Oubliette: An attack which forms an enormous ball of water in which the enemy is trapped. Striking the ball causes an area-damage-dealing explosion.

Utility Magic

  • Float: Manipulate gravity in order to soften any fall.
  • Glide: Manipulate gravity in order to skim across the surface of water.
  • Up and Away: Frey leaps high into the air while unleashing watery attacks. Her supply of projectiles is then replenished as she simultaneously switches to Prav’s magic.

Attack Magic

  • Chain Bolt: Fires an arrow upon charging, and another upon release. If both strike in the same place, bonus damage is dealt. There are a total of 3 Levels and each increase in level increases the number of charges before firing.
  • Fan Bolt: Fires a spray of magically linked arrows out in front of you, dealing damage over the entire area they cover. There are a total of 3 Levels and each increase in level increases the number of arrows casted.
  • Cluster Bolt:Fires an arrow which breaks up in midair, raining down bolts that deal damage over a wide area. There are a total of 3 Levels and each increase in level increases the spell AOE and the number of rain bolts called in the area.
  • Cataract: Spins up a watery vortex that sucks in enemies damaging them as it does so. There are a total of 3 Levels. The first Level sucks up the enemies in a single spot, the second Level makes sure that there is a geyser coming out from the vortex, and the third Level freezes the geyser which will ultimately freeze the enemies.

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