Forspoken- All Green Magic aka Olas’s Magic Skills List

ForspokenIn Forspoken, there is a total of 4 Magic that you can learn including Frey’s Magic. All Magic is divided into three parts and i.e. Support Magic, Utility Magic, and Attack Magic. To learn all the skills, you will require lots of Mana to be gathered in order to be invested. Olas’s Magic will not let you down and you can depict how useful and deadly the magic is after reading its description as mentioned in this post.

All Green Magic aka Olas’s Magic Skills List At Forspoken

Tanta Olas’s Magic also recognized as green magic has to offer us lightning damage. The Magic Skill lists are mentioned below:

Support Magic

  • Distortion: Attacks enemies and engulfs them in a mind-fuddling mist that also causes them to attack one another.
  • Sublimation: Absorbs life force from the surrounding area, slowly healing health as a result.
  • Compensation: Heightens the senses, causing Surge Magic to charge more quickly when enemies are successfully evaded using Flow.
  • Aggression: Sends out a spread of darts in a fan formation that will mark those they strike as targets for charged attacks.
  • Projection: Sends a storm-charged spear flying into an enemy that emits electricity over the surrounding area.
  • Compulsion: Summons multiple mines that float in the air and explode when enemies touch or attack them.
  • Suppression: Erases all traces of the user, making them harder for enemies to locate. Sudden movement will cancel the effect.
  • Tempest: Calls up lightning from the earth to electrocute enemies over a wide area. There is a total of 3 Levels and each increase in level increases the spell AOE and the number of lightning called in the area.
  • Displacement: Creates an illusory copy of Frey in a designated spot that enemies will attack instead of her.
  • Hide and Seek: Fire projectiles of magical light at foes as you move at high speed, switching to Olas’s magic as you do so.

Utility Magic

  • Diversify: Allows you to use your crafting skills to add a fourth skill to a necklace.
  • Scale: Use phantom footholds in order to soar even higher.
  • Spoof: Evade and leave a decoy copy of yourself behind.

Attack Magic

  • Dart: Emits projectiles of magical light that will mark those they strike as targets for charged attacks.
  • Storm Dart: Emits electrical energy over the immediate area while charging, then unleashes a shockwave when released that will also strike any darts embedded in enemies. Investing Mana and increasing the level of Storm Dart means increasing the shockwave damage.
  • Seeker Dart: Emits lightning that seeks out any darts embedded in enemies, dealing damage as it goes. Investing Mana and increasing the level of Seeker Dart means increasing the lightning damage.
  • Pulse Dart: Sends beams of light at any darts embedded in enemies that shoot right through them, dealing damage depending on the level. Investing Mana and increasing the level of Pulse Dart means increasing the beam’s damage.

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