Forspoken All Frey Ability Purple Magic & How To Unlock Them


Forspoken is an action-adventure role-playing game where you take charge of a character called Frey that has been teleported to a land called Athia. In this magical land, Frey can use various magical abilities using the cuff on her hand. There are four different types of magical abilities available in this game which are:

  • Frey Magic – Earth
  • Sila Magic – Fire
  • Olas Magic – Light/Lightning
  • Prav Magic – Water

Each type of magic has various different types of spells that can be unlocked by playing through the story and collecting mana scattered around the map of Athia. You can also defeat various enemies to obtain mana that will be used to unlock the spells.

The spells in each type of magic include support, surge, attack, and parkour magic. While most of the spells can be unlocked by spending mana, for some you need to find the mana fountain in Athia to unlock them. These spell icons will be shown in a question mark and you will be able to mark the location of the fountain on the map. Once you reach the fountain jump inside to unlock the particular spell. Below you will find all Frey magic earth-type spells available in this game.

Forspoken All Frey Magic Spells

Purple magic is attached to Frey’s own magic ability that comes with the cuff when she reaches Athia. Below you will find the list of spells that are affected by the purple magic stats. You can increase your magic stats by leveling up, using cloak, necklace, and nails.

Shot – Fires lumps of rock at enemies.

Scatter Shot – Fires a steady stream of rocks while charging and once charged it unleashes a high-impact long rage rock projectile. It has level 2 and 3 that increases the range, damage, and speed of the spell.

Burst Shot – Fire a lump of rock at enemies that deal explosive damage to nearby enemies. Its levels 2 and 3 increase the lump of rock size and explosive damage to nearby enemies.

Shield Shot – This spell creates a shield while charging that can be blasted forward dealing damage. It’s level 2 and 3 create a large defensive shield.

Tendril – Summon a whip that strikes enemies in front of you dealing damage and restoring your health a bit.

Disperse – Summon a plant that deals damage to enemies.

Bind – Ties all the enemies in a certain area in a tangle of weed. Doesn’t work on bosses.

Leach – Summon plants that cure your poison.

Implant – Plant a seed in enemies body that deals damage over time.

Screen – Summon a barrier that blocks incoming damage.

Prime – Place a trap in front of your that will explode once enemies step on it dealing massive area damage.

Burrow – Send out item seeking root. Finding loot will recharge your support magic quickly.

Rarify – Allows you to combine breakshards of the same type while crafting to improve their level.

Modify – Allows you to change breakshards into shards of other types by using your crafting skill.

Vivify – Increase the amount by which the necklace improves your health using your crafting skills.

Genesis – Summon thorny branches in front of you that deals heavy damage to enemies in a wide area. It’s level 2 deals more damage while level 3 spell poison the enemies dealing damage over time.

Flow – Gives you the ability to move at high speed and parkour.

Leap – While using flow kick off a wall to climb a higher position.

Shimmy – While using flow when you jump and land on the ground, you could use the jump button at a perfect time to launch yourself forward.

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