High On Life Kill 5 Torg Or Not?

High On Life

In High On Life, the first mission you get as a bounty hunter you get from Gene is to kill 9-Torg. Upon reaching the slums, you will get to know that there are various different clones of 9 Torg. These clones want to kill each other to take the throne as last week there were 14 Torgs. Your mission is to kill 9-Torg who is currently the crime lord. After getting Knifey, you need to do a few acrobatics using the lasso ability and find the base of 9-Torg.

Once you find the base, you will notice that 9-Torg is trying to kill one of her clones 5-Torg and after that, you will get the quest to take out 9-Torg. She will shoot normal attacks that can be dodged by staying behind the boxes. Her charged attack can be deflected using knifey and once the platform goes down you can use the lasso ability on the hookbugs to stay in the air. Lazer beams can also be dodged using the lasso on hookbug.

High On Life Kill 5 Torg Or Not?

After taking out 9-Torg, 5-Torg will come down and introduce herself and thank you for killing her evil clone. As all Torg are naturally evil, they will still commit crimes, but she welcomes you anytime to visit them and be a part of the Torg family as 10-Torg. Now if you hit 5-Torg with knifey or gun, a health bar will appear on the top indicating a secret boss.

But nothing more happens once take out 5-Torg. While you are slicing or shooting her, she will tell you that after you take her out, 3-Torg will be in charge and you don’t want that because they are still children. In other instances, she will tell that she shouldn’t have welcomed you as a family or honorary Torg.

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