High On Life Gene Leave Or Stay, Stab Gene Or Not

High On Life

In High On Life, at first, the earth will get invaded by a cartel called G3 and you will come across your first Gatlion called Kenny. He will ask you to find Gene the greatest bounty hunter who will help you defeat G3. It turns out Gene has been retired and doesn’t have both of his legs but will help you by giving out his bounty hunter suit. In return in case you die, Gene will take your house which your sister is not comfortable with at all. During gameplay, you will get a few choices to make Gene stay or leave or stab him or not. Below you will find what happens with both choices.

High On Life Should Gene Leave Or Stay

After completing bounties and returning to your home, you have to listen to the arguments of your sister and Gene. It’s a part of the quest that you have to listen to their argument and give your opinion. A few times at the beginning of the game, your sister wants Gene out of the house and will ask for your opinion.

It doesn’t matter whose side you choose, it won’t have any in-game consequences. You will just get a slightly different dialogue from each of them. No matter how many arguments your sister and Gene will have, in the end, they make up their differences. So you can pick favorites without worry any in-game consequences.

High On Life Stab Gene Or Not

After defeating 9 Torg and obtaining knifey, you have to return home. There knifey wants to stab Gene because he left him with the Torgs. Now you will have two choices either to stab Gene or not. Gene had been helping you set up portals and gave you his suit, so it is your moral obligation to not stab him. But I will recommend you to stab him because you will unlock an achievement in doing so.

After stabbing him you will unlock an achievement called “Don’t Knife The Hand That Feeds“. Apart from this nothing extra will happen, Gene will just shout angrily why do you need to do everything the UI tells you to and will return to normal.

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