Path Of Exile- Onyx Amulet Recipe For Vendor Knows Best 1

Path Of ExileIn Path Of Exile, there are 2 vendor challenges and the very first Vendor Knows Best I require us to complete and obtain 4 sets of recipes. The challenge demands a Hybrid Flask, Onyx Amulet, Jeweller’s Orb, and Orb of Chance recipes. To obtain an Onyx Amulet, you will have to interact with the vendor and sell these specific resources/materials which we have mentioned in this guide along with other required recipes to complete the challenge.

Onyx Amulet Recipe For Path Of Exile

There are 4 Onyx Amulet rarities that you can craft. However, the basic Onyx Amulet recipe needs only 4 materials which is enough to complete the quest demands. The recipes are mentioned below:

Onyx Amulet
  • 1x Amulet
  • 1x Red Skill Gem
  • 1x Green Skill Gem
  • 1x Blue Skill Gem
Onyx Amulet (Influenced)
  • 1x Onyx Amulet (Influenced)
  • 1x Red Skill Gem
  • 1x Green Skill Gem
  • 1x Blue Skill Gem
Onyx Amulet (Magic)
  • 5x Onyx Amulet (Magic)
Onyx Amulet (Rare)
  • 5x Onyx Amulet (Rare)

The rest of the recipes are mentioned below:

Hybrid Flask
  • 1x Orb Of Fusing
  • 1x Life Flask
  • 1x Mana Flask
Jeweller's Orb
  • 1x Chromatic Orb
  • 1x Orb Of Fusing


sell an item that has 6 sockets.

Orb Of Chance
  • 2x identified rare items that have the same name

Once you have completed the first challenge, the Vendor Knows Best 2 holds another challenge that the newcomers will find difficult so we have compiled another guide to help you all out with it.

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