Path Of Exile- All Vendor Knows Best 2 Recipes

Path Of ExileIn Path Of Exile, the second challenge of the Forbidden Sanctum i.e. Vendor Knows Best 2 requires you to craft the 4 types of recipes by selling and trading items from the vendor. The new players who have just started this massive game will have to deal with this mechanic quite often. Hence, the challenges are just a way to let us be familiar

All Vendor Knows Best 2 Recipes At Path Of Exile

To craft Orb Of Fusing, Unique Item, Gilded Scarab, and Exalted Shard or obtain it from the Vendor, you will need to sell these specific items as mentioned below:

Orb Of Fusing

Trade any 6 linked items to obtain 20x Orb Of Fusing.

Unique Item

There are multiple unique items and you can craft any depending on the resources or items you have. As we have already crafted an Onyx Amulet, let’s say Hyrri’s Bite and Star of Wraeclast (Global) can be crafted.

Hyrri’s Bite:

  • 1x White Sharktooth Arrow Quiver
  • 1x Onyx Amulet (Rare)
  • 1x Rain Of Arrows
  • 1x Orb Of Chance

Star Of Wraeclast (Global):

  • 1x unique Ruby Ring
  • 1x Onyx Amulet
  • 1x Lightning Warp (level 20)
Gilded Scarab
  • 3x Polished Scarab


  • 2x Gilded Scarab
  • 1x Orb Of Horizon
Exalted Shard

Full set of rare influenced, identified/unidentified items that share the same type of the influence. The full set includes Helmet, Armor, 2x Rings, Amulets, Gloves, Boots, and Weapon.

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