High On Life Defeat Douglas, Wait One Hour Or Escape Facility?

High On Life

In High On Life, Douglas is the third target you need to take out in this game. He is the chief of the G3 training and torture program and trains new recruits in the facility of Dreg Town. You need to visit Dreg town which will be on the planet Zephyr. Figure out the way to Douglas training center by defeating all the monsters and following the tracker.

To defeat Douglas, you need to use your Blob Shot when he traverses from pillar to pillar and then hit them with Knifey. To obtain armor, you need to defeat the small Grunts that occasionally get summoned by Douglas. After defeating Douglas you will obtain the Sweezy gun.

High On Life Wait One Hour Or Not?

 Once you are in the G3 recruitment center, you will have to watch the orientation video on the screen and then complete the training. After completing the training, you will have to watch another orientation video in which Douglas will ask you to wait for one hour. The trick is to find a small hole in the right side wall and escape the facility.

If you wait for one hour, you won’t get any achievement and after one hour Douglas will try to open the door by lifting the big screen but the screen will break and he will ask you to wait for one week. Waiting for one hour will only waste one hour of your time and you might hear a few dialogues and cutscenes that are not worth it.

High On Life Help Dr Joopy

 After escaping the facility, you will meet an Octopus trying to reach Douglas HQ through the pipeline. You need to solve the pipeline puzzle for Dr. Joopy and reach Douglas HQ. There will be three puzzles for you to solve. You need to rearrange the pipe for Dr. Joopy to travel from one side to another by shooting the handle of the pipes. The first puzzle will be an easy one, and you can watch the video above to find the solution to the second and third puzzles.

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