High On Life All Achievement List & How To Get Them Guide

High On Life

High On Life is an action-adventure game by the creators of Rick and Morty. There are various areas to explore and monsters to hunt to save the planet earth. You will also find a frequently talking NPC, enemies, and a few guns. The humor and comical aspect of the game will hook the players to keep playing the game. There is a total of 32 achievements that can be unlocked and some of them are missable. Below you will find all 32 achievements and how to unlock them.

High On Life All Achievement List

Missable Achievement
  • Playing Favorites – Sacrifice any other gun instead of Kenny during the fight with the final boss to unlock this achievement.
  • Fallout Doesn’t Let You Do This – When you visit the slums for the first time you will find a child-like NPC called Slumsley. That NPC will keep on pushing you and you need to shoot him to unlock this achievement.
  • Don’t Knife The Hand That Feeds – After obtaining Knifey when you reach your home, it will tell you to stab Gene. You need to stab Gene to unlock this achievement.
  • Gunning For Your Job – When you reach the office of Mopleets, you need to let the receptionist know you are the boss. Then boss around the employees to unlock this achievement.
  • Carried Stan’s Load To Completion – In Blim City, once you get out of your house, go towards the right side lane. There you will meet an NPC called Stan. You need to buy a “Gallon of Alien Cum” from him which will get added to your inventory. The item doesn’t do anything, you just need to complete the game to unlock this achievement.
  • Eatin’ Good in the Neighbourhood – When Kenny shares how his planet got destroyed at Applebee’s, you need to pay for the food before leaving to help your sister to unlock this achievement.
Unmissable Achievement
  • First Bounty Down – Defeat 9-Torg.
  • Who’s The Boss – Defeat the Skrendel Brothers.
  • Creature Feature – Obtain the Creature gun in the game.
  • Are You Packin’? – Obtain the jetpack in the game.
  • Satisfied Gus-tomer – Obtain the Gus gun.
  • Cold-Blooded Driller – Defeat Krubis.
  • G3 Graduation – Defeat Douglas.
  • Eye Scream, You Scream – Use knifey to pop out 20 Grunt Eyeballs.
  • Bring A Knife To A Gun Fight – Obtain Knifey.
  • Lezduit! – Once you obtain this gun during the end game.
  • Self-Actualization – After defeating the 6th target Nipulon.
  • Hardest Battle In The Game – Defeat Dr.Giblets
  • Legendary Bounty Hunter – Defeat the final boss Garmantuous.
  • Playing Card To Get – Collect all the trading cards to unlock this achievement.
  • Series Wrap on Suit-O – Auto achievement unlocks before reaching the final boss when Suit-O says goodbye.
  • Spent 15 hours At the Alien Strip Club – After talking to your sister and escaping the second dream world of Nipulon, you will unlock this achievement.
  • RIP Davey Glutes – After getting out from the High On Life store, you will find a dead body and obtain the Mag-boots.
  • Mods Please Ban – Open every post on the Bounty Hunter Forums. You can visit the forum from your menu or by pressing the inventory button.
  • Luglox Genocide – Open every Luglox treasure chest in the game to unlock this achievement.
  • Seeing All The Sights – Buy every warp disc base collectible from the Blorto shop, use them, and explore inside.
  • We’re All Very Impressed, Trust Me – You must juggle an enemy in the air by firing at least 5 shots. You can use Kenny Blob shot to launch them in the air and then shoot them 5 times to keep them in the air and unlock the achievement.

  • A Starfish is Born – First, you must visit the Pawn shop to buy drums. You can find the Drums on the right side of the shop. Then find the NPC called Globo’s with an ass face. Go straight from your house to find this NPC. After giving him drums, he will leave the place and after completing a few bounty missions on the left side of the Blorto shop, you will find the Globo poster. Then watch the commercial on TV to unlock the achievement. (Check the video above to find where to watch the Globo commercial).
  • Epic Legendary Prize – Once you are inside the house and Gene is watching TV all day. You can keep reloading the last checkpoint till a robot comes on the TV and tells you to watch the commercial. He will do a countdown and tells you to watch the whole commercial to get a prize. Once you watch this commercial fully you will unlock this achievement.
  • We Paid For The Rights To Put A Whole Movie – Visit Blorto shop in Blim City and buy the theater warp disc. Then head to any world and find a warp zone to install the theater warp disc. Go inside the theatre to unlock this achievement.

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