Midnight Suns- Strange Memories Doctor Strange Challenge

Top 10 Free Games For 2020In Marvel’s Midnight Suns there are Legendary Cards and cosmetics that can be obtained after completing the Legendary Challenge which is a puzzle that needs you to complete the objective at a specific hero. In this case, we have Doctor Strange and for the players who are questioning how to solve the puzzle, then this guide is just for you.

Strange Memories Doctor Strange Legendary Challenge Solution For Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Description: Destroy the Red Crystal to Acquire 'Seven Suns of Cinnibus'. Use 'Seven Suns of Cinnubus' to Destroy the Black Crystal.

To complete the Legendary Challenge of Doctor Strange, you will have to follow the steps as mentioned below:

  • Use Bolt of Balthakk on one of the 10 HP enemies to eliminate.
  • Use Blessing of the Vishanti.
  • Use Bolt of Balthakk on one of the 15 HP enemies.
  • Use Agamotto’s Gaze.
  • Use the least-powered Bolt of Balthakk(17) on both of the enemies that can be killed.
  • Use Agamotto’s Gaze to obtain the cards back.
  • Use Blessing of the Vishanti.
  • Blast off the enemy who has 27 HP with your 27 damage card Bolt of Balthakk.
  • Use Resonance.
  • Now use all your cards to destroy the Red Crystal.
  • Finally, use the Seven Suns of Cinnubus to destroy the Black Crystal.

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