Midnight Suns- Monster Or Man Hulk Legendary Challenge

Top 10 Free Games For 2020In Marvel’s Midnight Suns there are certain puzzles known as Legendary challenges that reward you with a new variant of Legendary costumes and most importantly the Legendary Cards that we want to grab onto as fast as possible. In this guide, we have explained how to get Hulk Legendary Challenge and the puzzle solution.

Monster Or Man Hulk Legendary Challenge At Midnight Suns

The condition to unlock the Legendary Challenge is to reach the Friendship level to a maximum. However, it is not attainable with Hulk and it brings up the question. How to unlock Hulk’s Legendary Challenge? Well, you will have to research the Overdrive Serum which will be available at level 15.

Description: Reach Maximum Rage to unlock Worldbreaker. Use Worldbreaker to defeat all enemies.

Once you have started the challenge, you will have to build up the Rage to the max and use your ultimate ability card i.e. Worldbreaker. To complete the challenge follow these steps:

  • Gamma Kick to push an individual target back to the wall.
  • Smash on the same target.
  • Crush on the same target.
  • Now you have eliminated an enemy and obtained the Rampage card.
  • Use Rampage on all 3 targets to taunt them all and maximize efficiency.
  • Use Gamma Kick on the solo non-taunted enemy.
  • Now as all are taunted. Use the Let’s Do This card which will let you gain 4 Rage in the process.
  • Finally, use the Smash card to gain a Rage and obtain the Worldbreaker card to complete the objective while defeating all enemies.

Once you have completed the Legendary Challenge, you can use the new costume and the card that can turn any battle in your favor. For more guides on Marvels Midnight Suns, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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