High On Life Defeat Nipulon & Escape Dream World

High On Life

In High On Life, you take up the role of a bounty hunter that needs to kill 7 targets that belong to a cartel called G3. Defeating the main boss will save the planet earth but before you can reach him you need to weaken the cartel and killing its leaders. The second strongest leader of the G3 cartel is Nipulon. Below you will find him how to defeat and escape his dream world.

High On Life How To Defeat Nipulon

¬†First, you need to lower 30% of Nipulon’s health in his office, and then you will be trapped in the dream world. Below you will find how to escape the dream world. Once you are out of the dream world, you will find a lot of Nipulon clones. You need to identify the real Nipulon and shoot him to lower his health.

You can identify the real Nipulon through his armor color which will be different from the clones. The real one will have purple color armor. In the end, when you will have all four guns and clones will be blocking your path to Nipulon, you can slide dash and kill him with the knife.

High On Life How To Escape Nipulon Dream World

In the first dream world, you will meet Gene and will question your purpose in life and why you are doing all this. After talking to him you need to choose two choices and only then you can escape the dream world. The dream world is like a circle, if you keep going outward, you will be lost. You need to go to the center of the circle to escape it. Once you are in the center there will be a hole in which you need to jump.

Similarly in the second dream world, you will meet your sister and need to choose two choices to her question. After that go to the center of the dream world to find a hole that you need to jump inside.

In the third dream world, you need to find all four of your guns and only then the portal in the center will open to escape.

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