High On Life All Guns List, Ability & Mods

High On Life

In High On Life, you will come across a total of 5 different guns with different abilities that will help you explore various maps. Out of these 5 guns, you will play the whole game with only 4, because the final and most powerful gun “Lezduit” can be used only in the last mission where you need to defeat the main boss Garmantuous. The list of guns available are:

  • Kenny
  • Sweezy
  • Gus
  • Creature
  • Lezduit

You also get a knife with Rick’s voice called “Knifey” that can be used to do melee attack and explore areas by using the lasso ability that helps you traverse through the zipline.

High On Life All Guns List


This is the first gun you will obtain in this game. This gun shoot just like a regular pistol with goos. The glob shot is the unique ability of this gun that deals area damage. The gun voice sounds like Morty and is voiced by Justin Roiland.


This gun shoots crystal needles that get attached to the enemies. If you hit the enemies with a melee or a charge shot, the crystal needles will blast dealing extra damage. Slowing down time in a bubble-like area is the unique ability of this gun.


This gun is like a shotgun that you obtain after defeating Krubis. You can also suck enemies towards you using the gun and then shoot at enemies to deal massive damage. Launching a disc that can ricochet after hitting an enemy and you can again send the disc towards enemies by hitting it with a melee attack is the unique ability of the weapon. You can attach the disc to the hot walls and then use it to climb higher places.


This gun shoots a small creature that gets attached to its enemies and sucks its life out. Shooting a creature that can control other enemies and help you in battle is the unique ability of this gun.


This is the most powerful gun in the game and you will only be able to use it for the final mission. Once you defeat the main boss, the gun will be gone from your inventory. This gun shoots high-voltage electricity at the enemies in front of you and can break various barriers.

Note: Apart from the guns, you will also have the ability to dodge, power slide, and hover using a jetpack.

High On Life Gun Mods

While exploring various areas or by opening your chest, you will sometimes receive some gun mods that can be installed by going into the gun menu. These mods can also be purchased in the shop of various worlds. These mods increase the power of the weapons by adding some extra passive ability. Gun’s color also changes while equipping a mod.

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