Disney Dreamlight Valley The Club Renewal Minnie Quest Guide

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In Disney Dreamlight Valley, there are various different Characters that you will meet in different realms and invite over to your valley. During the course of your gameplay, you will make new friends and increase your friendship with them to unlock more quests and items. One such quest you will obtain from Minnie is called “The Club Renewal”. Below you will find how to obtain this quest and the resources required to complete it.

Disney Dreamlight Valley The Club Renewal Quest

This is the quest you will obtain from Minnie once you have reached friendship level 10 with her and completed all the previous quests. In this quest, you need to first visit the Glade of Trust to find a long-lost banner. The banner will look like a red color rolled carpet laying on the ground of the Glade of Trust. Pick up the banner and then go talk to Minnie about it.

Once you have interacted with Minnie, she will ask you to craft the Cheerful Chums Club Banner. To craft this item, you will need three different resources which are:

  • Fabric
  • Gold Nugget
  • Red Dye

To obtain Fabric you will need to first get cotton. Cotton plants can be bought from the Sunlit Plateau shop and once you have cotton, you can craft fabric from the crafting station. Gold can also be found in the Sunlit Plateau through mining.

To craft the Red dye the resources you will need are an Empty Vial, Squid, and Garnet. Garnets can be found through mining in meadows and plazas. Squids can be found in the Glade of Trust and Forgotten lands by fishing the blue ripples.

Once you have all the items, craft the red dye and then craft the Cheerful Chums Club Banner. Now go to your house and place the banner inside to complete the quest.

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