Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Unlock Stitch

disney dreamlight valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley recently got big updates with new realms and characters. New characters such as Buzz Lightyear and Woody are available in the toy story realm. There is also one alien character from Lilo & Stitch that is creating chaos around the valley. You need to find this character with the help of Donald Duck. Below you will find how to unlock Stitch and the mystery of the stolen socks quest.

Disney Dreamlight Valley The Mystery Of The Stolen Socks

This is the quest you need to complete in order to unlock stitch. To start this quest, you must find the slimy stocking on the dazzle beach. The location of this sock is random so it can be near the green patch in front of the cave entrance or near Ursula’s house. The slimy stocking will be of blue color and once you pick it up, the “Mystery of the stolen socks” quest will start.

In the sock, you can find the initial D.D sewn into it, so you need to find the character to whom the sock belongs which will be “Donald Duck”. After that, you need to visit Donald duck and give the slimy stocking to him. He will tell you that it must have been stolen and you need to search his house to find more clues.

After that visits Donald duck’s house and removes all the trash to find a clue. Once you remove all the trash you will find a strange device. Give the strange device to Donald Duck and he will tell you there might a sock-stealing alien that might be Stitch. To find stitch you need to activate the device by using Stitch DNA. But the stocking you found only authorize 33% of DNA, so you need to find 2 more items that contain Stitch DNA.

So it might take a few days to complete this quest and obtain Stitch and as of now only this much of the quest has been revealed. You can skip time to complete this quest faster, but we recommend not doing so and to wait for days.

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